We offer 10 Rooms, of which 7 Dune Chalets are about 20 - 50m from the Main Building, a self-catering House with two bedrooms sleeping 5 about 800m to the North of the main Building (Okanti) and a Secluded Self Catering Unit sleeping 2 about 1km to the northwest of the main building (KuanguKuangu), ideal for the Honeymooners.

  • All Rooms have a Spacious Bathroom with Shower and luxurious biodegradable Amenities for your comfort.
  • Wheelchair access to all the chalets with a paved walkway and one of the chalets has a bathroom which is fitted out to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Electricity (220V) is generated with solar panels
  • Our water comes from our own boreholes and are of the purest in the region.
  • We have reception to the Namibian mobile telephone network.
  • Complimentary Wifi connection

Barkhan Dune Chalets KuanguKuangu Okanti Rustic Cabin Spreetshoogte Camping

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Closed until
10 Jan 2024

Kindly take note of these important dates and announcements regarding Barkhan Dune Retreat and our accommodation options.
We wish you all a lovely festive season and look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2024, with many new and exciting things on the horizon.



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